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Human rights laws must be upheld warns Miller

Changing human rights laws in Scotland would be “regressive”, the country’s human rights commissioner has warned.

Professor Alan Miller is urging politicians to ensure human rights protection is stronger after the general election and the country goes forward not back.

The Scottish Human Rights Commission’s (SHRC) report on the future of human rights legislation ...

Potential Conservative welfare cuts revealed in leaked emails

A range of welfare benefits are potentially facing the axe or severe restrictions by the Conservatives after the general election, according to emails seen by the BBC.

The cuts suggested by officials include restricting child benefit so it is payable only for the first two children, and scrapping the industrial injuries benefit by passing the costs on to firms.

Emails seen by the ...

Mind the gap: Edinburgh tramline shows differences in life expectancy

On the day that MSPs debate health inequalities in the Scottish Parliament, NHS Health Scotland (NHS HS) has published a life expectancy infographic based on the Edinburgh tram line. The graphic highlights continuing health inequalities between areas of deprivation and more affluent parts of communities in Scotland.

Within Edinburgh, the extent of health inequalities are demonstrated by ...

End Work Programme, Scots ministers demand

Scottish Government ministers have repeated their call to the UK government to cancel contracts for the Work Programme and Work Choice.

The Work Programme, a UK-wide scheme to help jobseekers back into employment, and Work Choice, a specialist disability employment programme, were specifically highlighted by the Smith Commission among the employability support services that should be devolved ...

Disabled people shut out of politics by lack of access at polling stations

Clamouring for the right to vote seems slightly out of sync with modern politics, like watching a suffragette discover voter apathy, or Nigel Farage. Still, things tend to feel more important if you’re stopped from doing them. It’s 2015 and disabled people in this country haven’t yet got the franchise. Well, we have in theory, but having the legal right to cast your ballot ...

Victory over work capability tests

Doctors are to be alerted to two crucial regulations which could protect disabled people facing controversial “fitness for work” tests.

Campaign group Black Triangle – a disabled person led organisation – has managed to convince the British Medical Association (BMA) to alert GPs about two regulations which state that a person should not be found fit for work if such ...

Iain Duncan Smith refuses to meet with food bank charity about poverty then meets with investment bankers about it instead

Iain Duncan Smith has refused to meet with Britain’s biggest food bank charity for over a year – but has instead held discussions with an American investment bank about tackling child poverty.

The Trussell Trust confirmed again today that its chairman Chris Mould had still not been granted a meeting with Iain Duncan Smith, despite reports as far back as 2013 that he had requested ...

IFS challenges George Osborne over 12bn welfare spending cut plan

Thinktank says chancellor must specify how he will reach targets announced in the budget, given that the poor had been hardest hit by benefit changes.

George Osborne is under pressure from the Institute for Fiscal Studies to specify how he planned to cut welfare spending by £12bn in the next parliament, and warned the poor had lost most from the coalition’s benefit changes of ...

Victory for Black Triangle over GP work advice

The doctors’ union is set to alert every GP in the country to two regulations that campaigners believe could protect disabled people facing controversial “fitness for work” tests.

The regulations - part of the rules that shape the work capability assessment (WCA), which tests eligibility for employment and support allowance (ESA) - state that a person should not be found ...

Information on new devolved benefits released

Detailed information on the scale and reach of social security benefits to be devolved to Scotland has been published.

The new report gives Scottish specific statistics on each of the 11 benefits that will be controlled by the Scottish Parliament, such as number of claims, gender and age breakdown and current spending on these benefits in Scotland.

These benefits accounted for £2.5 ...

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