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Man with Down's syndrome faces being deported from Britain after 17 years - because his parents died

A man with Down’s syndrome who has lived in Britain for 17 years faces being deported – because his parents died.

Wadih Chourey, 44, moved from Lebanon with his family in 1997 after suffering abuse by gangs in Beirut.

He now lives with one of his two brothers Camil, 42, in East Twickenham.

MP Vince Cable said the move by the Home Office to have him kicked out was ...

Atos tests failed 75% of disabled people amid "outrageous" delays to assessments

Three out of four disabled people have endured “unacceptable” delays for vital payments because of hated fit-to-work firm Atos.

Official figures show just 25% of Employment Support Allowance assessment claims are being processed within the Government’s 13-week target.

More than 30,000 people dealt with between February 2012 and June 2013 had to wait more than a year ...

Double leg amputee is denied blue badge

A Scottish pensioner who has had part of both legs amputated has been refused a blue badge for disabled parking by his council.

Tom Hannah, 73, from Rosyth had two separate amputations last year due to a circulation problem caused by an irregular heart beat. But he's been refused the disabled parking badge because he can walk over a distance of 20 yards - but only with crutches and help.

A ...

Retailers 'must improve accessibility for disabled people'

Retailers are missing out on income from spending by disabled people owing to a lack of accessibility at stores, the government has said.

The latest figure from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) suggests that UK households with a disabled person have a combined income of £212bn after housing costs.

Disabled people said that finding accessible shopping was hardest.

This ...

Now UN sparks fury after launching human rights investigation into Britain's disability benefit reforms

The United Nations sparked fury today after launching an unprecedented inquiry into Britain’s treatment of disabled people.

The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities launched a formal probe into whether this country has committed ‘grave or systemic violations’ of the rights of disabled people.

Tory MPs tonight branded the investigation ‘politically ...

Addressing delayed discharge

The NHS and Scotland’s councils are to work together to tackle the growing numbers of delayed discharges, the Health Secretary and COSLA said today.

While delayed discharge has fallen by a third since 2006, statistics released today show this continues to be challenging, with a significant number of people delayed due to a lack of availability of care in the community.

This ...

Charity calls for Government to build more homes for disabled people

As the housing crisis continues despite an upturn in the number of new homes being built (annual housing starts totalled 137,780 in the 12 months to June 2014, up by 22 per cent compared with the year before) the charity Leonard Cheshire Disability warns of disabled people losing out because of the sheer lack of suitable housing.

It has been estimated that as many as 11 per cent of British ...

Wikipedia Bedroom Tax entry is edited using computer in Government department

A Whitehall computer was used to censor a Tory Minister’s Wikipedia page to edit out all reference to “victims” of the Bedroom Tax.

The entry for Housing Minister Kris Hopkins includes a section which referred to the “disabled victims” of the hated Coalition policy.

But it has been edited to read “disabled people who would pay” the levy.

Online ...

Shock survey shows poverty in Scotland is getting worse

A bombshell study has revealed that the number of Scottish households falling below the poverty line has risen by 19% in 30 years - despite Britain’s economy doubling in that time.

The Poverty and Social Exclusion in the United Kingdom (PSE) project, conducted by the country’s leading universities, found that almost one million Scots cannot afford adequate housing; 800,000 can't ...

Food poverty: Experts issue malnutrition health warning

More people are suffering from malnutrition as a result of worsening food poverty, experts have warned.

The Faculty of Public Health said conditions like rickets were becoming more apparent because people could not afford quality food in their diet.

It comes after health figures recently revealed a 19% increase in the number of people admitted to hospital with malnutrition over the ...

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