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Friday, 15 June 2012

Eight out of 10 children who have a learning disability are bullied by their peers, a leading Scottish charity said this week.

Enable Scotland is set to launch a three-year anti-bullying project aimed at school pupils in a bid to tackle the problem next week, during learning disability week.

The project, Open Your Mind Not Your Mouth, will include an anti-bullying charter, which has been written by young people.

Children can sign up to this charter through their schools, online and also via the project’s Facebook page, which will also provide information for anyone affected by bullying.

Peter Scott, Enable Scotland’s chief executive, said: “Bullying and hate crime are major issues for our members, who tell us that for many the problems begin at school and continue into adulthood.

“This ambitious project will see a core group of people who have learning disabilities work with over 7,500 young Scots over the next three years. It is hoped that the project will leave a lasting legacy, resulting in young people being less likely to bully, or to tolerate bullying.”

In a report earlier this year, Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People highlighted that bullying of children who have a disability, including name calling and physical attacks, remains prevalent and acts as a major barrier to their social inclusion.

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