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Parliamentary Questions



One of the most important ways in which MSPs can hold the Government (or Executive) to account is by asking Parliamentary Written Questions.  These are called written questions to distinguish them from Oral Questions asked of Ministers in the Parliament’s debating chamber.


Parliamentary Questions often turn up information which is useful to local organizations – as a means of estimating need for example – and to individuals.  By highlighting an issue – and the scale of certain problems – Parliamentary Questions can sometimes prompt Ministers to act, resulting in new policies being developed. MSPs can be approached to ask questions and Inclusion Scotland have done this several times to obtain facts and figures on issues of importance to disabled people.


We have been monitoring Parliamentary Questions (and more importantly answers!) since the new Parliament was elected and have selected some of those we thought most relevant so that you can have access to them without searching through lengthy documents.  You can look at the various section by clicking on the links to the right.


We hope that you find them useful and informative”.


Bill Scott (Inclusion Scotland, Policy Officer)