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Edinburgh Conference on Welfare Reform to raise awareness of the scale and scope of the proposed cuts in benefits and to let disabled people know exactly what is going on amid the political 'spin' with guest speakers: Bill Scott (Inclusion Scotland) John Dickie (SCPAG) Sue Kelly (Independent Research Worker) John McArdle (Black Triangle) Sasha Callahan (Activist Direct Action Network) Hugh O'Donnell (MSP) and chaired by Matthew Wheatley. There were three aspects to the discussions, campaigns, information and direct action with all reaching the same outcome - the need to mobilise and Act NOW! A massive thank you to Bill Scott and Matthew Wheatley for starting the ball rolling.

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The Coalition Government Proposals for benefits - Disabled People Speak Out.

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Julian Rhind-Tutt and an all-star cast narrate an animated film about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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A woman with multiple sclerosis has lost her High Court case to clarify the law on assisted suicide.

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British Sign Language is about to be made accessible to a wider number of people, thanks to video and internet technology.

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Minister for Disabled People Jonathan Shaw has said that the government is aiming to cut one million sickness benefits claimants by getting them back into work.

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As the Summer holidays approach a new European regulation will guarantee more rights for both the disabled and people with reduced mobility when they travel by air. Nearly one in five Europeans can require assistance for travelling or communicating. From 26 July 2008, these people will have the right to assistance and certain services in all European Union airports, as well as on board aircraft operating throughout European territory.

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Other languades are available from the producer of the video: European Commission > Directorates-General > Energy and Transport

A film festival taking place in Brighton has been showcasing the work of people with learning difficulties.

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Children with hearing difficulties try out software that enables them to see sound as visual images.
Mick Grierson from Goldsmiths, University of London, has developed Lumisonic with the backing of the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Sonic Arts Network.
The BBC went to film pupils at Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children in London testing the equipment for the first time.

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A new campaign highlighting the rights of people with learning disabilities to have a love life has been launched. Ian Hamilton reports.

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The Hardest Hit: My Rights, My Independence, My Life

Inclusion Scotland Conference in Edinburgh March 2011


Inclusion Scotland has encouraged the participants in this film to speak in whatever way makes them feel comfortable and included.
We apologise if any misuse of language in the film causes offence.